On Wednesday, August 5th at 10AM SGT (Tuesday, August 4th at 10PM EDT) BattleFin hosted a webinar with DTCC.


Discover the Data Available NOW on Ensemble

DTCC is a Premier Ensemble Data Provider with datasets including Investor Kinetics, Equity Kinetics, Money Market Kinetics and CDS Kinetics. Processing approximately US$1.6 quadrillion in securities transactions annually, DTCC captures an unparalleled depth and breadth of detail on transactions and securities issues, and consolidates and enriches the information to meet clients' varied and growing data needs.

Founded in 2013, ExtractAlpha is a premiere provider of alternative data solutions. The company sorts through huge amounts of alternative data sets with proven value in forecasting fundamentals, returns and risk, and delivers that data in clean, intuitive ways. The rigorously researched data sets are designed for institutional investors to gain a measurable edge over their competitors. ExtractAlpha partners with some of the world’s leading FinTech data firms to identify investment value in big data sets, and therefore, help investors profit from unique sources of information.

When it comes to managing uncertainty during a crisis, it always starts with data. Progressively viewed as an asset, data is the intelligence that provides firms with the analytics and insights to improve investment performance. In today’s data-driven culture, how do firms optimize the value of data for institutional investing? 

Specifically, how do firms:

  • Uncover opportunities from data sets that are relevant for the post-pandemic world? 
  • Leverage data to understand market sentiments of US equities as well as highlight differences in valuation of short-term debt?
  • Determine institutional buy-side activity by comparing two volatile time periods – 2008 financial crisis and the current COVID-19 pandemic?

In this webinar, we reviewed Investor Kinetics, Equity Kinetics, and Money Market Kinetics and showed how this data can generate actionable insights for your investment strategy. 

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Presenter: Vinesh Jha, CEO, ExtractAlpha

From 1999 to 2005, Vinesh was the head of research at StarMine. Subsequently he developed systematic trading strategies for proprietary trading desks as a senior member of prop trading desks at Merrill Lynch and Morgan Stanley's PDT. Vinesh holds degrees in mathematics from the Universities of Chicago and Cambridge.


Presenter: Matthew Bergerman, Director, DTCC Data Services

Matthew Bergerman joined the DTCC Data Products team in July of 2015 as a Director charged with the development of solutions in the Equity, Fixed Income, and Reference Data space.

He has worked in the Financial Information industry for over 20 years, on the vendor side at Refinitiv and Pershing, as well as the client side at AllianceBernstein, Fortress Investment Group, and Deutsche Bank.


Moderator: Keith Augustyn, Head of Product, BattleFin

As BattleFin's Head of Product, Keith is responsible for onboarding new Ensemble clients, optimizing their profiles and products, and developing new products for the Ensemble platform.

Keith has worked for Beryl, FactSet, Capital IQ, and more and has an outstanding track record of developing innovative data products in financial information and technology SaaS companies.


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