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Turn Your Data Into a Product That Sells!

Ensemble seeks to provide data buyers an enterprise solution for testing and evaluating alternative data at scale, with the goal of shortening the time it takes to make a buying decision.

All of our products and services are available a-la-carte, but the real value comes from subscribing to our Ensemble Platform. From new leads to making virtual meetings, our yearly Ensemble package was designed to give you the best of both worlds.


Key Ensemble+ Features

Take advantage of BattleFin's unique offerings that simplify the process of selling alternative data.

Membership Options

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How Ensemble Works for Buyers

An Overview of the Platform's Functionality for Data Buyers

Data Catalog

Utilizing our global event series and an in-house team of data evaluators, Ensemble’s catalogue is continuously updated with qualified data sets from all over the world. Our aim is to be the largest and most trustworthy alternative data platform—streamlining research and transactions between data buyers and data providers globally.


Data Product Profile Pages

Here you can see an actual sample data product profile page typical of what you will find on Ensemble. It contains all the relevant information about a provider at a glance, with things like product summaries, dataset specifications table and even a section on 'why to buy'. For data providers who have historical data on Ensemble, here is where you can also request "Access on Ensemble Now". 

The Ensemble Platform allows data buyers to access and leverage secure research environments (Sandbox) to test full historical data products prior to purchase. The Sandbox technology stack allows sophisticated users to access different levels of computing power to explore and work with large historical data products.


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Unlimited Meetings, Scheduled When You Like


When you identify a data provider you like, you simply select one of their available meeting times using the “Request Meeting” button. BattleFin then creates the meeting and provides a private virtual video conference room. You can see a short video of the process HERE.

Rapid Data Set Testing & Purchasing

As a platform that handles data ingestion, monitoring, cataloging and much more, Ensemble allows buyers to easily browse data sets from our extensive list and put them into a sandbox environment for testing. Data buyers can then purchase data sets directly on the platform, using our streamlined agreement and purchase process which provides:



Value Proposition

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