Derive the Most Value from a
BattleFin Event

 Number 1 Circle

Leverage BattleFin Marketing Materials for Pre, During & Post Engagement

Do Pre, During & Post event marketing to let firms know you are attending. It also helps build digital trust. (BattleFin will help by sending graphics. Promote at least 3 weeks before the event so people have time to plan and attend)



Announce New Product Launches at BattleFin events

This will cause more meeting requests from data buyers. (BattleFin will also send a New Product Release email 1 week before the event so let us know as well if you want the extra exposure. Make a splash.

 Number 1 Circle

Tell Us Who You Want to Meet With - We Will Work Through Your List!

Fill out the WISH LIST inside we will use this to invite those firms you are most interested in meeting with. This can make up close to 20% of meetings so make sure to do it within 3 weeks of the event.



Leverage BattleFin’s New Enriched Profile Creator

Send us the additional attachments and information HERE and we will create an Enriched Product Profile as well as add the new profile to our Ensemble 2.0 search. (Hear more at BattleFin NYC).

 Number Five Circle

Get a demo of Ensemble 2.0 and the Data Buyer Directory post the event

Close more deals even after the event is over!

Set up a demo to learn what Ensemble 2.0 has to offer. New additions include Dashboard, Sandbox, and Data Buyer Directory.