Ensight Showcases and DataDrops

Watch these ensights from Wednesday, April 14th at 11:15AM ET for Ensight Showcases and DataDrops from WeatherSource, SurveyMonkey, Vertical Knowledge, and Revealera.

Why Listen?

  • Exciting New Data Announcements
  • In-Depth Technical Reviews
  • Use Cases of Data and Focused Examples


Meet the Speakers:

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Weather Source data, products, and solutions were built for analytics and machine learning. Since 2015, Weather Source has enabled companies to quantify the impact of weather on their business operations and reduce waste, increase return on investment, fine-tune logistics, optimize marketing strategy, improve resource planning, and more. Seamlessly integrate weather and climate data with your internal data for insightful analytics and actionable business intelligence.



SurveyMonkey has moved up market and built a research solution specifically for the enterprise. Over 17 million users across 350,000 organizations, including some of the largest hedge funds, asset managers and private equity firms in the world, leverage SurveyMonkey to generate actionable consumer insights in real time. SurveyMonkey’s primary focus is to provide a self-serve market research tool that gives our clients the speed and agility to quickly get answers to their burning questions and help guide critical investment decisions. Investors utilize SurveyMonkey to bring context around the trends they’re seeing within their quantitative data sets and to better understand why certain inflections are occurring in the market. Rather than rely on interpreting standardized, syndicated surveys, SurveyMonkey clients can tailor the specific questions around their needs.

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Vertical Knowledge

Over the past 12 years Vertical Knowledge has built an open source drilling framework focused on compliant collection, allowing customers to drill deeper than other platforms. VK enables the most demanding financial institutions, corporations, and public sector partners to connect, collect, and curate open source data at scale.

VK’s clients have the opportunity to interact with the entire framework, as well as specific pieces of the framework to support data acquisition and internal collection operations.



We provide high quality Job Trends and Product Mentions (in job postings) Data for US, European and Asian Public and Private Companies. Although we cover all sectors and industries, we specialize in Tech/SaaS growth companies. We have over 2 years of history available for this data.


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