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Watch this panel from Thursday, April 15th at 10:30AM ET for this panel featuring Revealera and moderated by Market Rebellion's Jon Najarian.

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  • Q1 Earnings Insights and Predictions


Meet the Speakers:

Sid Azad


Sid Azad

CEO & Co-Founder, Revealera

Sid Azad is the CEO and Co-Founder of RevealEra, LLC an Alt Data and Research firm specializing in Jobs Posting Trends and Product and Skills Mentions Data. Before co-founding RevealEra in early 2018, Sid has held senior trading and tech Mgmt roles at Banks, HFTs, ECNs and Financial Data/Analytics Providers. Sid is passionate about finding meaningful and actionable insights in data by finding patterns using Quantitative and ML techniques.

Sid has a BS and MS in Computer Science and is an NYU MBA Alumni.

Jon Najarian


Jon Najarian

Co-Founder, Market Rebellion

Jon ‘DRJ’ Najarian was linebacker for the Chicago Bears before he turned to another kind of contact sport – trading on the Chicago Board Options Exchange.

He became a member of the CBOE, NYSE, CME and CBOT and worked as a floor trader for some 25 years. Starting with Mercury trading 1990, Jon has founded, co-founded, and developed various financial service companies and technologies including optionMONSTER/tradeMONSTER, Najarian Advisors and Najarian Alternatives along with his brother Pete, HeatSeeker Technologies, and MarketRebellion.com, also with brother Pete, where he publishes his market observations and trade recommendations. Today, he is also a host on CNBC, a professional investor, money manager, and stock & crypto markets analyst.


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