Data Dashboard Review

Watch the recording from Wednesday, June 23rd at 11:10AM ET for this panel presented by BattleFin's Tim Harrington and featuring data from DataPulse, Skyscanner, Weather Source, and Vertical Knowledge.

Why Listen?

  • What are the differences in Employment Datasets?
  • Finding Signals in the TMT Space


Presented by:

Tim Harrington


Tim Harrington

CEO, BattleFin

Tim is a co-founder and CEO of BattleFin Group Inc. BattleFin is an ecosystem focused on bringing alternative data to the world through BattleFin’s Ensemble© Technology Platform. He has over 20 years of experience in the financial services industry. Tim was the President and a Partner at Lion’s Path Capital, a hedge fund strategy incubator where he allocated capital to 30 fundamental and systematic portfolio managers since the launch in 2009. From January 2006 until 2009, Mr. Harrington was a Portfolio Manager at J.P. Morgan Ventures where he was in charge of Global Technology, Media & Telecom Investments. From February 2002 until January 2006 he was a Telecom & Media Portfolio Manager at Sigma Capital, a subsidiary of SAC Capital. Mr. Harrington graduated from Columbia College in 1998. He was a member of the Columbia University Judiciary Board as well as a member of the varsity crew team.


Featuring Data From:

DataPulse Logo


DataPulse is a joint venture of leading technology risk consultancy JAS Global Advisors and advanced analytics experts simMachines. The company specializes in creating actionable insights from Internet infrastructure data– globally and in real time.

DataPulse algorithms process a high volume (approx. 100 million per hour) of technical artefacts generated by virtually all online activity: from actively browsing the internet, to clicking a hyperlink, accessing a SaaS account, or plugging-in a “connected device.”

Leveraging a global sensor network that consists of multiple data suppliers, verified public sources of data and an owned array of data collection tools, DataPulse is able to extrapolate the use of Internet-connected devices and services by observing data that reflects how the Internet Infrastructure has been used. The data does not identify the end-user or the content of any specific communication but does provide trends on adoption, deployment, and other useful metrics.

Skyscanner Primary logo - online


Skyscanner is the world’s leading travel metasearch aggregating airline and online travel agent content from over 1200 suppliers. Skyscanner hosts ~100M unique monthly visitors across the website and app who actively search for and purchase flights, hotels and car rental services via our marketplace. Within each user journey, Skyscanner captures 295 data points describing where travellers want to go, when they want to go and how much they’re willing to pay upon booking with a great degree of geo-localisation. Over the last 5 years, Skyscanner has established a strong data offering – servicing a vast array of brands in and out with the aviation sector.


Weather Source

Weather Source data, products, and solutions were built for analytics and machine learning. Since 2015, Weather Source has enabled companies to quantify the impact of weather on their business operations and reduce waste, increase return on investment, fine-tune logistics, optimize marketing strategy, improve resource
planning, and more. Seamlessly integrate weather and climate data with your internal data for insightful analytics and actionable business intelligence.

VK New Logo - formerly Vertical Knowledge

Vertical Knowledge

Vertical Knowledge is a software company that offers a complex end to end Robotic Process Automation (RPA) platform to identify, classify, extract and understand data outside the enterprise. Vertical Knowledge provides financial institutions, private equity firms, and hedge funds with this secure, scalable, and compliant RPA platform to apply intelligent workflow automation to alternative data.


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