Using Alternative Data to Find Cryptocurrency Signals

Watch the recording from Wednesday, June 23rd at 11:45AM ET for this panel featuring Accern, Trade the Chain, and Kaiko and moderated by Market Rebellion's Jon Najarian and BattleFin's Marc LoPresti.

We will start with crypto alternative data demos then discuss key topics such as:

  • Why is the Bitcoin future curve in backwardation?
  • Understanding energy consumption issues
  • The Elon Musk effect on Bitcoin: how much could TSLA lose in the 2nd quarter?
  • What effect will a Bitcoin ETF have on the crypto space


Meet the Speakers:

Sacha Ghebali


Sacha Ghebali

US Operations and Data Analytics Lead, Kaiko

Sacha Ghebali is currently US Operations and Data Analytics Lead at Kaiko, a digital assets data provider, where he focuses on providing high-quality data and analytics to institutional crypto market participants. Prior to joining the crypto space, he was running simulations in high-performance computational physics for the Aerospace industry and carried out research for Airbus, Safran Aircraft Engines, and Swiss Space Systems.


Alex Mascioli


Alex Mascioli

Co-Founder, Trade the Chain

Alex is the Founder of Quantreq Digital Markets, an institutional digital-assets capital markets firm which provides Fund Administration, Prime Services and Institutional Digital-Assets Advisory to Crypto Hedge Funds and Institutional Investors globally. He is the Founder of InstitutionalDigitalAssets.com providing education, guidance, support to a select community of Institutional Investors and Fund Managers. Additionally, he sits on the board of the New York Venture Council and the Institute for Blockchain Innovation. His past hedge fund conference productions include Cap-Intro EAST and Cap-Intro WEST which he ran a limited series of four over three years in NYC and San Francisco.  Over 1,500 Fund Managers, Investors and Endowments attended annually. You can also subscribe to his free newsletter, Crypto Fund Report, which gets delivered each Sunday to over 20,000 subscribers.

Keenan Singh


Keenan Singh

Director of Customer Success, Accern

Keenan is currently leading Customer Success at Accern and has been with the firm for over 2.5 years. Before Accern, Keenan was working extensively with cryptocurrencies, diving into the world of blockchain and trading. As this space evolves and finance meshes with crypto, Keenan stays up to date with these changes and works with financial institutions to better utilize their data via no-code AI.


Meet the Moderators:

Jon Najarian


Jon Najarian

Co-Founder, Market Rebellion

Jon ‘DRJ’ Najarian was linebacker for the Chicago Bears before he turned to another kind of contact sport – trading on the Chicago Board Options Exchange.

He became a member of the CBOE, NYSE, CME and CBOT and worked as a floor trader for some 25 years. Starting with Mercury trading 1990, Jon has founded, co-founded, and developed various financial service companies and technologies including optionMONSTER/tradeMONSTER, Najarian Advisors and Najarian Alternatives along with his brother Pete, HeatSeeker Technologies, and MarketRebellion.com, also with brother Pete, where he publishes his market observations and trade recommendations. Today, he is also a host on CNBC, a professional investor, money manager, and stock & crypto markets analyst.


Marc LoPresti


Marc LoPresti

Co-Founder, BattleFin

Marc X. LoPresti, Esq. is a Wall Street veteran with over 20 years’ experience in the asset management industry, having started his career on the floor of the New York Stock Exchange working for Lehman Brothers. In addition to being founder of LoPresti Law Group, PC (“LLG”), he is: co-founder and Board Member, BattleFin Group, LLC; Executive Committee, Ranger Global Real Estate Advisors, LLC; Management Committee, Alternative Capital Advisors, LLC; Executive Committee, Low Emission Resources Corp.; co-founder and managing director, IDI Group (a multi-family office VC platform).

Marc is also a recognized authority on securities laws and alternative investment management appearing regularly on CNBC and other financial news networks including Bloomberg, Fox and international financial news networks. He graduated from New York Law School in 1997. Marc and his team also assist BattleFin and the BattleFin community with developing policies and procedures for complying with the ever-changing landscape of regulation impacting buyers and sellers in the data industry.


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