Macro Trends Panel: Staying Ahead of the Economic Restart Leveraging Employment; Energy & Homebuilding Sector Data


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Meet the Panelists


Nick Mazing
Head of Research


Nick Mazing is Director of Research for Sentieo, a financial and corporate research platform for executives, investment analysts, and researchers. His career also includes having worked on both the buy side and on the sell side at Lehman Brothers. He holds an MBA from Columbia Business School and is based in Sentieo’s New York City office. 
Sentieo is a financial and corporate research platform for executives, investment analysts, and researchers that offers them the insights, speed, and confidence they need to make informed strategic decisions so they can outperform the market and gain a competitive edge. Sentieo is the only research platform that brings together the previously disparate tools of financial document search, market and alternative data, and modeling and analytics, with a research management system.

Abudi Zein


Abudi is the CEO and co-founder of ClipperData. He specializes in energy market pricing, information product development and fundamental analysis. He most recently led efforts at Genscape to create new information products based on the company’s proprietary energy data. Prior to joining Genscape he worked in the energy information industry in Tokyo, Singapore, London, Houston and New York. He has held management positions in editorial, product development, marketing, sales and general management. He was CEO for Argus Media, Inc, a Senior Vice President at Oxford Analytica, and Sales Director at Platts London. Abudi holds a master’s degree in Chemistry from the University of Hanover in Germany and an M.A. in Journalism from the University of Missouri – Columbia.
ClipperData's business - tracking commodity and merchandise flows in real time - provides deep insights into supply/demand balances, and more fundamentally the health of the global and national economies months ahead of official sources. Firms are starting to harness this data to design trading strategies, but most users are still confined to the narrow areas of predicting government releases and competitive intelligence. This provides an opportunity for data-centric traders to gain first mover advantage in mining the full potential of this large and granular data set.

Toby Dayton


Toby has served as President and CEO of LinkUp since 2007 after joining the company as COO/CFO shortly after its founding in 2001. Prior to LinkUp, Toby was a Senior Associate at Cherry Tree, a boutique investment bank and venture development company in Minneapolis. After receiving his MBA in Finance from the Carlson School of Management at the University of Minnesota, Toby worked for a start-up technology firm in Minneapolis.
LinkUp is a global leader in delivering job market information to job seekers, employers, and corporations. Through proprietary technology, LinkUp indexes millions of job listings every day directly from employer websites throughout the world. We leverage that unique and predictive database of jobs to power our job search engine, candidate sourcing tools, and job market data solutions

Tim Harrington



Tim is a co-founder and CEO of BattleFin Group Inc. BattleFin is an ecosystem focused on bringing alternative data to the world through BattleFin’s Ensemble© Technology Platform. He has over 20 years of experience in the financial services industry. Tim was the President and a Partner at Lion’s Path Capital, a hedge fund strategy incubator where he allocated capital to 30 fundamental and systematic portfolio managers since the launch in 2009. From January 2006 until 2009, Mr. Harrington was a Portfolio Manager at J.P. Morgan Ventures where he was in charge of Global Technology, Media & Telecom Investments. From February 2002 until January 2006 he was a Telecom & Media Portfolio Manager at Sigma Capital, a subsidiary of SAC Capital. Mr. Harrington graduated from Columbia College in 1998. He was a member of the Columbia University Judiciary Board as well as a member of the varsity crew team.